Finding Your Colors - Volume 2
Here is the cover art for Finding Your Colors volume 2 :)
I am excited worked really hard on this one and took everything I learned from the first book to help me create even better drawings.

About this book series:
Finding Your Colors is a series of fine art adult coloring books created by Haitian born artist Hertz Nazaire. This project was taken on with the goal of addressing a need in the Sickle Cell Community to have a coloring book that is relatable to those in this community. The artist has used his own experience living with the pain of Sickle Cell Anemia and Depression to create an effective art therapy tool for stress and anxiety relief.  Finding Your Colors is a solace for the mind away from pain and depression. 
 No matter what difficulties your are facing in life, Nazaire believes Art can help you find your focus. If you are seeking some stress relief taking a quiet moment to add color to the pages in this book can go a long way towards helping you endure the hardships of your day. Be mindful of the changes in your mood as you find your colors.